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Booking & Payment

Please read the Personal Training Polices & Procedures before making a purchase.

Personalized Group Training is our specialty at Styles Fitness. PGT is a unique and innovative way to work with a personal trainer while sharing the costs and benefits. Typically, in group training, a group of people are working out simultaneously doing the same exercises. It often visually looks like a boot camp. However, personalized group training is a group of people working out at the same time, but doing their own exercises at their own pace. It is not an instructor teaching, but more of shared time with a trainer who will divide his or her attention between you and the other members of your group equally. You may all have the warm up period, heavy workout period, and cool down period divided equally, but what you do during those periods is based on you individually rather than as a group. Classes are one hour and limited to 4 people to ensure adequate attention

All personalized training services includes monthly fitness assessment, before & after photo, and a sample healthy eating plan.

Please contact us for a free assessment.

Stylized Silver Experience

  • 2 Personalized Group Training Sessions
  • 2-4 Members
  • 1 Group Cardio Class (5-10 members)
$60 / Week

Stylized Gold Experience

  • Personalized Group Training
  • 2-4 Members

2 Sessions

$50 / Week

3 Sessions

$70 / Week

4 Sessions

$80 / Week

Stylized Platinum Experience

  • Private Sessions
  • One-on-one Training

1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


4 Sessions