Atlanta, Georgia 30354

Styles Transformation Team

Tamara Styles

There is one key factor that can elevate your personal wellbeing and that is MOTIVATION! This motivation starts from within and is enhanced by those who are just as committed to your wellness goals! As a certified "no non-sense" personal trainer, I not only provide the motivation needed to help you meet your fitness goals but also to inspire you to exceed them!

My consistent and proven track record of positive, guaranteed, and sustainable results is the perfect match for anyone seeking to make a positive shift to a healthier lifestyle at an affordable price. My passion for the development of others through a partnership in wellness, is essential to my results-driven and personalized fitness programs that open the door to a new healthier way of living for all ages!

Ramona Hass

Fitness Wellness Coordinator


Eddie Valdivia

Group & Stretch Trainer


Nikki Rodriquez

Administrative Coordinator


Ronald Wynn

Facility Manager


What can I say, Styles goes above and beyond to get the job done. I came to Styles to achieve a set goal, since training I have met my goal and exceeded it a million times over.

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